Adblock Not Working on YouTube, Why?

Adblock is probably the most preferred app by YouTube viewers when they are searching for ways to block ads on YouTube videos. However, from time to time this app stops delivering expected results due to multiple reasons. The reasons for this abrupt performance can be many, but if you are experiencing this problem, then we are going to discuss some solutions which are going help you in resolving this issue.

Adblock not working Adblock Not Working on YouTube, Why?

Sometime in mid-2018 Adblock had released a new version in which they had made a provision that unobtrusive ads will not be blocked by them on YouTube, but this move backfired and many of its users stop using this app. In subsequent versions this flaw was addressed and the matter got resolved.

Therefore, if you have the latest version of Adblock installed on your browser and you are seeing ads on YouTube, then you should try one of the following solutions discussed below.

1. Update Filter Lists

Adblock automatically updates its filter lists by fetching files from its server. However, when it’s unable to perform this update, then it might stop working properly. In such a scenario, you should update filter lists of Adblock manually. Go into the ‘Options’ in Adblock and click on ‘Update now’ under ‘Filter lists’ tab. This will update your Adblock with its latest filter lists.

2. Check Filter Lists Subscription

If you are visiting websites of different languages, then you must subscribe to that language in the Filter Lists. For example, you must subscribe to EasyList if you visit English websites, but if you want to block ads on French language sites as well, then you must enable French + EasyList. You can find whole list of language options in front of the ‘Adblock custom filters’ column, in ‘Filter lists’ tab, inside the Adblock ‘Options’.

3. Check YouTube Is Blocked

This might seem silly, but sometimes certain channel in YouTube are allowed by Adblock on your request. In such cases, Adblock will show ads on these channels. This feature is provided by Adblock so that you can choose to support your favorite channel by watching their ads. Therefore, make sure to check that YouTube or the channel you are watching is not in the allow list of Adblock.

4. Reinstall Adblock

If all the above steps have failed to solve your problem, then try reinstalling Adblock. Reinstalling the app on your browser will help you in clearing out small errors. Visit and click on ‘Get AdBlock Now’, then choose your browser and click ‘OK’.

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5. Check Incompatible Extensions

Sometimes when multiple extensions are running on your browser, then malfunctioning of one extension can hamper the performance of another. Therefore, disable all the extensions on your browser except Adblock and reload the YouTube page. If ads are not displayed, then there is problem with some other extension and not Adblock. Activate extensions one-by-one to determine which one is creating the problem.

6. Wait for Adblock Update

If none of the above solutions work for you, then most probably YouTube is testing some method to bypass the ad blocking programs. The only thing you can do is to wait for Adblock to release an update that will resolve this issue.

Adblock not working on YouTube can have multiple reasons and for each reason there is a different solution. We have discussed all the possible solutions in this article. Try them one-by-one and you will be able to troubleshoot this problem.

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