Epson L383 Resetter Tool Download 100% Free & Easy | Adjustment Program

Fix all the errors in Epson L383 printer which is related to hardware using its reset utility (Adjustment Program)

Epson L383 is a popular all-in-one inkjet printer which is well known for its efficient and reliable performance. However, sometimes this Epson printer stops printing due to issues which seem to be related to hardware malfunctions. One such problem is when its red light starts blinking and an error is displayed stating ‘The printer’s ink pads are at the end of their service life’. Most users assume that to resolve this problem they will have to contact Epson support engineer. If you are also facing this problem, then don’t worry because we will share a much simpler solution of this issue.

Epson L383 resetter

This problem in Epson L383 is known as ‘Waste Ink Pad Counter Error’. This is a routine warning issued by this Epson printer after it has printed a set number of pages and that’s why Epson offers the Epson L383 ressetter tool for resolving this error. Although this problem may seem like a hardware related problem, we assure you that Epson L383 adjustment program is its solution. Therefore, we are providing in this article the Epson L383 resetter tool 100% free and easy download link below. Along with the download ink you will also find on this page detailed instructions on how to use Epson L383 resetter software to resolve waste ink pad counter errors.

Epson L383 Resetter Tool 100% Free and Easy Download

The Epson L383 reset utility we are providing here is the official Epson version of this adjustment program. Therefore, if you own Epson L383 printer, then you can install this Epson L383 adjustment tool without any worries. The download link we have shared is the latest version of the Epson L383 resetter program.

Click on the download link to download L383 resetter.

Download Link
Password: fpdd
If the zip file is prompted for a password then use the following password: fpdd
If the download link is broken, then please report it here.

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Reasons Behind the Epson L383 Waste Ink Pad Counter Error

‘Waste Ink Pads’ is a term used for several sponge pads which exist in the print head of the Epson L383 printer. While printing a page some waste ink is produced which needs to be removed. These waste ink pads are installed to absorb this waste ink so that your printer can function properly. After a certain period of time your Epson L383 printer starts showing this error, which is a sign that these waste ink pads are overflowing with waste ink and they need to be cleaned. Fortunately, this whole process of cleaning the waste ink pads is really simple, which we are going to describe below.

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How to use Epson L383 Resetter Tool

First, you must download the Epson L383 reset utility from the link given above and extract its files into a folder. Now, carefully study the removal steps given below and execute them in the right order.

  1. Download Epson L383 resetter zip file from the above given download link.
  2. Disable your antivirus.
    disable antivirus
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to the same location.
    extract the zip file
  4. Inside the Epson L380 resetter folder, run ‘Run-ME.exe’ file.Epson L380 resetter free download
  5. After that it will give a black window with registration code. Just click OK from there.
    click on OK
  6. After clicking on OK, the L383 resetter will start. click on ‘Select’ model
  7. From the drop-down list of ‘Model Name’ choose ‘L383’, leave ‘Port’ as ‘Auto selection’ and click ‘OK’.port
  8. Select the button ‘Particular adjustment mode’.adjustment mode
  9. In this list locate the ‘Maintenance’ section and select ‘Waste ink pad counter’, then click ‘OK’.waste ink pad
  10. Click the checkbox in front of ‘Main pad counter’ and click ‘Check’ button.main pad counter
  11. After some time the ink pad counter score in points and percentage will be displayed. Our objective is to make this score zero.score points
  12. Again click on the ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and this time click on ‘Initialize’.initialize
  13. A pop-up message will appear asking for permission to start the pad counter initialization process. Click ‘OK’.begin initialize
  14. In this pop-up you will be asked to turn-off your Epson L383 printer. After turning-off your printer click ‘OK’.switch off printer
  15. Now you will be asked to restart your Epson L383 printer. After restarting your printer click ‘OK’.reboot printer
  16. This completes the waste ink pad initialization process. Click ‘Finish’ and close the application.finish
  17. If you have followed the steps given above in their exact order, then by now your Epson L383 printer must have started printing pages normally.
  18. That’s it.

The Epson L383 resetter tool that we have provided above can be used for resolving multiple issues related to Epson L383 malfunctioning. Therefore, we would recommend that all those who own Epson L383 multifunction printer must also install the Epson L383 adjustment program on their computer. This reset utility can be of great use at the times of emergency as you can use it to perform multiple tasks.

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