In this article, we’re taking a look at ransomware. Ransomware are based on fortnight and it’s called circ and you can download this as a free cheat in crack software which you can download to cheat on fortnight but unfortunately what’s going to happen is it’s going to encrypt all your data, now if you are one of those unlucky people that have fallen into it.


Then there is a decryption tool that will decrypt all your files and bring them back but rather than taking risks with types of ransomware like this, it’s like playing Russian roulette eventually you’re going to get caught out and your system is going to get encrypted with the ransomware.

If there is an unfortunate case that this happens there might not be a decryption tool that you can use to decrypt your files and this can be really damaging to a small business or even big business.

How Ransomware comes?

Now how does ransomware get on to the system? Well, there are many ways of through emails they will come as an attachment they also come from dodgy sites where when you access the site you end up getting this dropped on to the system. It could be from some sort of crack software where you’re downloading cracks offer the Internet to crack software that you don’t want to pay for and unfortunately sometimes there are some nasty cracks out there that have got ransomware instead of cracks and what will happen is just in this case you’re going to end up having all your data encrypted.

How does ransomware work?

So this one comes as a form of a fortnight sheet and when you run it will encrypt all your data. So let’s go ahead and take a look at this ransomware in action and see what damage it does to the system and your data so remember without any sort of form of protection you are so vulnerable to this sort of attack and the cyber-criminal will hold your data to ransom and ask for certain funds to release it. So let’s go ahead and activate the ransomware and see what happens you can see straight away injects itself onto the system and starts to go to work and encrypts all your data, he would then pop up on a message saying your personal files have been encrypted by a circ malware send an email to this address to recover them and this is basically what they’re going to try to do, so they’re going to try to get you out of money to get your data back.

Solution after attacked

Now, fortunately MC software has got a decryption tool which you can use to decrypt these files but remember guys not all of these particular types of ransomware are this easy to decrypt and what can happen is you can get this on to your system and there might not be a decryption tool for it and you could end up with all your data encrypted and there’s no possible way of getting it back.

Download: EMSI soft Decryption Tool
dycription-toolNow the best way to protect yourself is not to get it onto the system in the first place keep regular backups and as you can see here all of the data is now encrypted and this could be sensitive data like your emails your photographs your holiday photographs all your precious data and it will be gone.

Now, fortunately, there is a way of decrypting this now there is no 100% full proof way of protecting your computer from ransomware because normally it comes down to human error. What will happen is the person will click on something and if you have no protection on your system that’s going to stop there or it’s a fresh sample that’s not been added to a database of some sort of antivirus program or let that slip on through and basically inject itself under the system and encrypts all your data.

How to stay protected from Ransomware

The best thing to do is to protect yourself with some sort of protection software and you can use software just like say for instance Acronis, they offer a free solution to protect yourself from ransomware and I’ll leave the links for this at the end of this article for you and basically it’s a free tool you can download and install, also zone alarm firewall has a built-in of ransomware protection on it and you’ve also got other things like Windows Defender has some sort of ransomware protection in there as well and there are other antivirus programs out there that you can use.

Download: Acronis Ransomware Protection

Now I’m going to download this decryption tool from MC software, and we are going to run this on the system once this opens up it will say are you sure you want to agree to these terms we’re going to say yes and this will open up that decrypt at all and basically what we’re going to do from there is select a folder from here which is out pictures. Now if yours is on the C Drive and you’ve got a ton of files, on here you want to scan the whole computer okay doesn’t just scan the folder.

I’m going to blow this virtual machine away and reinstall it and basically you will have to try to recover all your data you can see here this is our data I want to try to recover, so I’m going to select the pictures folder for this demonstration.

So let me just quickly run this and you can see here it’s going along and starting to try to decrypt all of these files, and we’ll let this finish off there we go and you can see here it’s now decrypted.

How to Stay Safe your data from Ransomware Attacks

These files and you’ve got a spare file in there which is the actual ransomware one you can remove these from the computer it’s probably best that you do a backup of your system and do a fresh installation of windows, especially after a ransomware attack. It’s probably your best solution but in future what you can do is use software like the Acronis to back up all your data. It does come with ransomware protection, in there which means you will be protected from ransomware. Now no software is 100% full proof against ransomware but it’s a step in the right direction and normally what happens is it comes down to human hair when they are clicking on yes to authorize something to come down and install and it could be ransomware so you will have to educate yourself on things like that but Acronis also offer a free anti-ransomware software which you can download and use for free. Anyway, that’s gonna be about it for this article. I’ll leave all the links at the end of the article.

Download: Acronis true Image 2020 Backup Software.


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