How to Uninstall Win Tonic Easily | Simple Way

Win Tonic program is marketed as an application which can help you optimize your system and improve its performance. In reality, this software is a potentially unwanted program, which most of its users want to uninstall from their computer. Therefore, to help such victims of Win Tonic we have prepared this uninstallation guide, which will explain in simple steps how to uninstall Win Tonic easily from any computer.

What is Win Tonic?

Win Tonic application is developed and marketed by Despite the fact that this program is advertised as a system optimizer it’s infamous for intrusive activities. When you scan your computer with this application it will find several performance issues and suggest multiple solutions, but before applying any solution it will ask from you to buy its full version. Basically, this program gives fake warnings to scare you into buying its full version.

Although user are searching for ways to uninstall Win Tonic from their computer, but its proper uninstallation process is rarely found over the internet. Most websites recommend using anti-malware programs to remove this malicious system optimizer. However, on this site you will learn how to manually uninstall Win Tonic from your computer.

How to Uninstall Win Tonic Easily?

The uninstallation process given below is easy to execute, but you must be careful to execute each step in its right order.

  1. Close Win Tonic application if it’s running on your computer.

    win tonic remove
    win tonic remove
  2. Press ‘Alt’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Del’ keys simultaneously. Then, select ‘Task Manager’ from the task manager
  3. On Task Manager locate and select ‘Win Tonic’. Then, press, ‘End Task’. After Win Tonic is removed from the Task Manager. Close Task Manager.remove win tonic
  4. Click ‘Search’ icon and type ‘add’. From search results choose ‘Add or remove programs’.search add
  5. Inside ‘App and features’ section, search for ‘Win Tonic’. From the results select ‘Win Tonic’.search win tonic
  6. In Win Tonic click ‘Uninstall’.uninstall win tonic
  7. Again click on ‘Uninstall’.start uninstall
  8. Now, click ‘Yes’.click yes
  9. Wait for uninstallation process to complete.uninstall wait
  10. Message of uninstallation completion will appear, click on ‘OK’.uninstall win tonic over

That’s it, in this way you have successfully installed Win Tonic from your computer.

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