Is IObit safe or harmful? (Detailed Investigation)

IObit is a well-known name in the business of computer maintenance, optimization and protection applications. However, when you read the experiences of IObit users you find a lot of information which raises doubts about the functionality and objectives of its products. Some reviews raise doubts on the credibility of the programs developed by this company. Since, there is so much conflicting information about this company there are many new users who tend to think, is IObit safe? Therefore, in this IObit review, we will look at all the aspects of IObit products so that you can make a wise and informed decision on whether to use these applications or not.

is Iobit safe

What is IObit?

IObit is a China based software company, which offers several security and system optimization solutions for the Microsoft Windows users. There are multiple products offered by this company, but basically they are divided into four categories, which are PC Clean-up, System Protection, System Optimization and Driver Update.  As you can see, the range of products offered entirely cover the security and optimization aspects of computer maintenance.

Like its wide-range of products, the claims made by IObit about the usefulness of its products are also very wide-ranging. The claims are highly boastful about their effectiveness in solving your computer’s problem, but such claims are rarely substantiated by the actual performance results. Although this type of misleading advertising is common among many software providers, IObit products have become infamous for annoying its users with their disruptive behavior after they are installed on a computer.

Why IObit has a Bad Reputation?

IObit has developed a shady reputation over the years, which makes people doubt the authenticity of its products. This company has been involved in many controversies. For example, Kaspersky once accused IObit of cheating customers by using Driver Booster. Similarly, Malwarebytes have accused this company of stealing their intellectual property rights and using them in IObit Malware Fighter product. These are few of the many accusations leveled against this company.

This doesn’t mean that IObit products are worth their price. Whenever you install an IObit product it tends to install other bogus toolbars and apps, which completely spoil your computer usage experience by displaying unnecessary ads to upgrade the existing product or to buy the new ones. Also, such programs are resource hungry and reduce the performance of your computer in the long run.

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Is IObit Safe?

There is no doubt that IObit is a controversial software company, but all its products are absolutely safe. None of the products developed or distributed by IObit fall in the category of a computer infecting application. However, the effectiveness of the programs provided by this company is highly questionable.

Once you have installed IObit software you can expect annoying interruptions while using your computer. These interruptions can be in the form of security warnings, update recommendations, upgrade requests, etc. None of the IObit software have malicious content, but their behavior can be highly irritating. It’s due to these reasons that the products of this software company are avoided by many users.

How to Remove IObit Applications?

Since, IObit products are legitimate programs you can remove them from your Windows computer by using the method which you use for other programs. You can go to Windows Control Panel, then open the application which shows the list of programs installed on your computer, in that list choose your IObit software and click uninstall option.

My thoughts:

The answer to the question, is IObit safe? Is a resounding, yes. However, most of the applications make many false claims and rarely perform to match their user’s expectations. Therefore, we would recommend trying free trial of IObit products before purchasing them. Suppose, you want to purchase any of their product, then it’s advised to compare your choice with some other available options in that software category.

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