How to Remove Addons from Internet Explorer (Removal Guide)

Here we would provide you a proper guide how to remove any unwanted addons from Internet Explorer, Actually, when you have installed any free software from 3rd party downloading website, might be a possibility they already have added their custom made unwanted add-ons, when you install that free downloaded software, that addons will install in the background while that software installation, and when you open Internet explorer once, that add-ons will activate automatically. Anyway, here we are giving you a proper method How to Remove Addons from Internet Explorer, there are 2 methods to remove it completely. Please follow below methods.

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How to Reset Internet Explorer as Default (Reset Guide)

Internet Explorer reset option is a very powerful option to reset all the settings of internet explorer. Reset option will not effect on your bookmarks/favorites. Here are two methods to reset Internet explorer one is goes to Microsoft Internet explorer reset tool and second is goes to manual reset, you have to follow manual steps to reset internet explorer. it will guide you how to reset internet explorer as default.

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K7 Removal Tool Download (Uninstall Utility)

A Removal Tool that will help you to remove K7 Ultimate Security, K7 Total Security (Plus and premium), K7 security business version and K7 Antivirus edition from your computer automatically. The good thing is, it is 100% free and official tools. It is also called ‘K7 uninstaller Tool’. K7 Removal Tool Download for all the …

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