Avast Internet Security Vs Premier Security Comparison

Avast antivirus is one the most popular antivirus for computers with more than 435 million users. Although the free version of Avast antivirus is most widely used, Avast also provides higher-level security suites, which offer many advanced features and services that are absent in its free version. Among the paid versions of Avast antivirus, the ones which provide complete internet security are Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier. Therefore, many users find it tough to decide the best antivirus suite between the two.

avast internet security vs premium

In this Avast Internet Security vs Premier comparison article, we will do an in-depth analysis of both these Avast security suites so that you can decide for yourself which one is the best suite for your computer protection needs. Some of the features are the same in both these versions, but the Avast Premier has a few additional functionalities.

Avast Comparison between Internet Security vs Premium Security.

Features Internet Security Premium Security
Real-time protection from viruses and malware. Yes Yes
Full system scans for viruses and other infections. Yes Yes
Ability to scan and remove spyware. Yes Yes
Complete security from keylogger infections. No Yes
Ability to scan and remove rootkit viruses. Yes Yes
Provides anti-phishing protection Yes Yes
Complete protection from identity theft. Yes Yes
Email scanning features. No Yes
Allows you to open suspicious files in sandbox mode. Yes Yes
Easily protect sensitive data with file shredding features. No Yes
Data encryption for further protection of sensitive data. Yes Yes
Two-way firewall functionality. No Yes
Anti-spam email filter feature No Yes

Avast Internet Security vs Premier comparison

Now that you know the features which are shared by both these Avast antivirus applications it will be easier to understand the difference between them. Basically, there are two features that the Avast Premier security suite has which are absent in the Avast Internet Security suite.

1. Automatic update security patches

This is a highly relevant security feature at the present time. Security analysts believe that most infections in present day computer usage happen due to unpatched software. This out-of-date software leaves loopholes for malware, which are exploited by infections to enter your computer.

To counter this weakness, Avast Premier continually monitors your computer software for out-of-date security patches and prompts you to upgrade them when required. This feature gives you an additional edge in security over Avast Internet Security in which you have to manually keep track of this information for various software.

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2. Military-grade file shredding

File shredding feature is available in the Avast Internet Security suite, but that is standard file shredding where deleted files can be recovered by highly advanced data recovery software. For users searching for high-end protection of their sensitive data, this level of file shredding is unacceptable.

Therefore, in the Avast Premier antivirus you get military-grade file shredding. This is the highest level of file deletion security which is usually available to the military. This type of file shredding process securely deletes all your chosen files along with all their traces. Any chance of recovering a file which is shredded by this process is almost zero.

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In the above Avast Internet Security vs Premier comparison we have clearly explained the features which are additionally offered by the Avast Premier suite. We have also tried to explain the practical advantages that you will get due to these features. Whether these features are compelling enough for you to upgrade your antivirus choice from Avast Internet Security to Avast Premier is a decision that we leave upon you.

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