How to Remove Addons from Internet Explorer (Removal Guide)


Here we would provide you a proper guide how to remove any unwanted addons from Internet Explorer, Actually, when you have installed any free software from 3rd party downloading website, might be a possibility they already have added their custom made unwanted add-ons, when you install that free downloaded software, that addons will install in the background while that software installation, and when you open Internet explorer once, that add-ons will activate automatically. Anyway, here we are giving you a proper method How to Remove Addons from Internet Explorer, there are 2 methods to remove it completely. Please follow below methods.

Method1 : Automatic Method to remove internet explorer add ons

Method2 : Manually way to disable internet explorer add ons ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


To remove any kind of unwanted addons / extensions from internet Explorer (Automatically).

This is a Microsoft Fixit to disable all kind of unwanted addons from Internet explorer.

Step 1 : Download this Microsoft Fixit to disable addons

Step 2 : Run this downloaded Fixit.



To remove any kind of unwanted addons / extensions from internet Explorer (Manually).

Step 1 : Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2 : Click on Tools on top menu bar (Press F10 key to activate menu bar).

Step 3 : Click on Internet Options

Step 4 : A Internet options window will come up,  click on Programs Tab

Step 5 : Click on Manage Addons, you will get a another window, here are listed all the add-ons

Step 6 : Here you can do Disable / Enable any Addons from this list, Select any add-on which you want to disable and click on disable option.

Step 7 : Click on OK to finish.







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