How to Remove Search Bar (Removal Guideline)

Sure-Shot techniques to remove – infection can be easily removed if you use the right removal techniques. On this page we will inform you about thoroughly tested, easy to execute, and sure-shot removal techniques to permanently remove infection from your computer.

What is is a browser hijacker developed by MediaNewPage Extensions. This infection has the tendency to hijack your browser settings and to change the default search engine and homepage of your installed browsers to However, the most dangerous aspect of this hijacker is that it’s impossible to get rid of infection by using common removal methods, such as delete and uninstall techniques. Search Page Search Page

How comes into computer?

This hijacker is bundled with other free software available on the internet. This makes it impossible for you to detect the installation of this infection on your computer in real-time. By the time you realize your search page has been altered to you are too late, because your browser settings have also been hijacked. Therefore, you are unable restore your original settings. main symptoms?

Look for these symptoms to confirm this infection on your system:

1. You can no-longer edit your browser settings.
2. The default homepage and search page of your browsers are changed to
3. This infection comes back every time you restart your system.

How we can prevent from infection?

The most effective way to protect your computer from this infection is by taking some precautions. Firstly, stay away from installing dubious freeware on your computer. Also, before installing a program read its Terms and Conditions to ensure that no-other app gets installed with it.

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While installing a program, prefer Custom or Advanced installation mode, and uncheck anything you don’t understand. Always install an antivirus and an anti-malware on your computer.

How to remove

You will find here manual method and automatic method to remove infection. These methods will first stop the spread of infection on your computer, then will remove it completely and permanently. Follow the given removal techniques.

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