How to Remove Search Bar (Removal Guideline)

If your computer has been infected by, you must get rid of this infection to restore your machine’s normal functioning. Here, you will find complete information required how to remove infection from your computer.

What is and how to remove is an infection which has been created by the infamous website. After infecting your computer it changes your default search engine and browser homepage to, simultaneously, it hijacks and takes complete control of your browser settings to make sure that you can’t reset your search engines. Because of this behavior it’s classified as a browser hijacker. The most dangerous aspect of this browser hijacker is that you can’t get rid of it by using the usual delete or uninstall methods. Search Bar Search Bar

How does infect your computer?

The developers of this browser hijacker use “bundling” technique to distribute it over the internet. Using this technique they bundle this infection with other third-party freeware programs. So that whenever you install such bundled freeware programs on your computer, this infection also gets installed. Only after your computer’s default search engine and browser homepage is changed to, you realize that this infection has entered into your computer. Also, you can’t remove this hijacker from your computer even if you uninstall the freeware with which it was bundled. main symptoms?

The most prominent symptoms of this infection are:

  1. You lose complete control over your computer’s browser settings.
  2. The default search engine and browser homepage of your computer is modified to

How can you prevent being infected with

Follow these precautions to prevent your computer from this infection:

  1. Stop installing unreliable freeware programs.
  2. Carefully read the Terms and Agreements of a software before installation.
  3. Choose “Advanced” or “Custom” installation options, and deselect all unfamiliar options.
  4. Regularly scan your computer with an antivirus program.

The Easiest way to remove

There are two removal methods available to get rid of this browser hijacker: manual and automatic. Computer security experts recommend that manual method should be used only by PC experts or by the users who have a good understanding of basic computer programs. For most users an automatic removal program is recommended. Such a program permanently removes all the entries of this infection from your computer in just a few minutes.

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