Is CamStudio Safe? – Inspection of Truth

Some antivirus considers CamStudio setup file unsafe to install. Therefore, a lot of users are sometimes in doubt “Is CamStudio Safe” is it a virus? In this CamStudio 2015-16 review, we will give you the answer to this question; Is CamStudio Safe to download or not.


Is CamStudio safe to use?

Yes, the CamStudio is an ultimately safe & legitimate software if you download it from Camstudio’s official website ( safe). It is a number one  free software in the screen recording software by RenderSoft. It is a completely false statement that stated: “Camstudio program is not safe.” The antiviruses who found camstudio is unsafe; they have to fix this false positive report in future when they will know about it.

Is camstudio safe

Why Camstudio is in the circle of this safety doubt

There is no guarantee if you download it from another 3rd party websites because there is a possibility that they can add other threat additionally with it. Maybe that’s why Camstudio is in the circle of this security doubt. So always use only the official website to download any software.

Who is the owner of CamStudio?

Originally, CamStudio was released by RenderSoft in October 2001. In 2003, RenderSoft was acquired by eHelp Corporation. Later, Adobe acquired RenderSoft.

User experience about CamStudio

CamStudio is a program which allows you to record from your screen, add annotations and save the output in multiple video formats. Despite being an open source screen recorder, this program is simple to operate and can help you in capturing the activity of your screen in just a few clicks.

It is a superb screen recording software. It gives you a one-click recording option, making it an ideal program for quick recording. Is it safe camstudio. This program has too many features, but the one which caught our fancy was the advanced annotation tool. This tool allows you to add your watermarks, texts, and drawings to your creation to help prevent unwanted copying. Maybe, you have an idea that, is camstudio legit or not.

Cam Studio is a good program, which is not only simple to use but also has many versatile features. This recorder has no restrictions on the kind or the duration of desktop activity that you can capture. Most users who have tried this program have been impressed by its performance making it the top rating screen recording software. From official website you can download camstudio without malware.

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This little program can capture images or video and record audio from your computer’s microphone or speaker. You have the option to capture the active window, the entire screen or to select the area manually. Also, you can export the finished files in multiple formats with varying degrees of compression. There is no limit to the duration of recordings you can save.

If Norton antivirus catches this as a virus, then you can easily restore it by follow the following steps, see the animation:


Our final verdict is; CamStudio software is completely safe program. There is no trojan, Virus, malware, adware found in its installer. Even Norton passed its install as a completely safe application.

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