What is Win Tonic: It is a pc optimization tool, it is a tonic for computers.  It is made by pctonics.com. Usually, it comes into the computer along with the legit freeware software.

Anyhow it came into a computer. The point is how to remove Win Tonic from a computer. Here in this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove Win Tonic from your computer completely & permanently. Please follow the following steps.

How to remove Win Tonic

Follow the below-given steps.

Method 1:

Uninstall Win Tonic from the control panel

      1. Go to control panel
      2. Click on “Programs” or “Uninstall a program.”
      3. Right-click on “Win Tonic” app and choose “Uninstall.”
      4. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove it.

If the above method 1 did not work for you, then try method 2

Method 2:

Remove Win Tonic through REVO uninstall tool

      1. Download Revo uninstall tool and install it on your computer.
      2. Open Revo uninstaller and choose Win Tonic from Revo and click on it. It will ask you to remove the remaining entries of Win Tonic from the registry as well. Please allow it to eliminate altogether. Click here to know how to use Revo uninstaller tool.


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