How to Remove Idp.alexa.51 Virus?

What is Idp.alexa.51 Virus?

Idp.alexa.51 virus was first appeared in 2016 and is classified as false-positive. False Positive files are those which are not classified by the antivirus as any type of virus, although the antivirus still consider these types of files as virus.

If your antivirus program is giving you alert about Idp.alexa.51 virus, don’t take it lightly as it can enter your computer and can hijack the browser and misuse computer resources.

Symptoms of PC infected with Idp.alexa.51 virus

Idp.alexa.51 virus generally comes with online games and act like the trojans. If your PC gets this virus, it may show one or multiple symptoms listed below.

  • Slowdown of PC
  • Data corruption including windows files
  • Unauthorized software installation automatically
  • More Ram usage.

In addition to the above list, sometimes the PC gives alert about the infected files named;

  • exe
  • tmp
  • FileRepMalware
  • TrojanWin32/Tiggre!rfn

How to remove Idp.alexa.51 virus from PC?

Update Antivirus and Scan

Let’s begin with the easiest method to remove Idp.alexa.51 virus from PC. As we know that Idp.alexa.51 is a false positive file so your antivirus might not be able to detect it. So, Update your antivirus program to the latest virus definitions.

It is also recommended to keep your windows up to date as it will keep the malicious software removal binaries up to date.

How to remove Idp.alexa.51 virus using Malwarebytes antivirus?

There are many antivirus came in the market, however, we recommend Malwarebytes for this type of virus. Follow the steps below to remove Idp.alexa.51 virus from PC using Malwarebytes.

  1. Download Malwarebytes from the link below, and install it in your infected PC.


  1. Scan your PC for Idp.alexa.51 virus and other malicious files.
  2. Quarantine the files. It is recommended to check all the files, however, if you are sure if there is any file(s) in the list which is not malicious you can exclude it.
  3. Restart your PC.

That’s it. Your PC is free from Idp.alexa.51 virus. Other antivirus programs consume a lot of computer resources, but Malwarebytes is very lightweight program to remove these kinds of viruses.

How to remove Idp.alexa.51 virus using HitmanPro tool?

HitmanPro tool is also a very light tool that can remove the malicious files which is sometimes missed by other famous antivirus software.

  1. Download HitmanPro tool from the link below and run the downloaded setup file.
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  1. The interface is very simple, click next to start scanning. When the scanning finishes, click next to remove Idp.alexa.51 and other virus files from PC.

It will ask you to enter the product key, but you can proceed by 3 days of trial period to remove Idp.alexa.51 virus free.

How to check if Idp.alexa.51 virus is removed from my PC?

If you have followed any of the method above in this guide and not sure if Idp.alexa.51 virus is removed from your PC, just open the task manager by right clicking on taskbar. Check the processes of there is any suspicious named process is running.

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