Is Segurazo a Malware?

Segurazo is a program which is marketed as an anti-virus program, but is infamous for behaving like a malware. This confusion forces users to question the credibility of this program and eventually deters them from testing its claims. In this article, we will try to clear the doubts related to the claims made by this antivirus and the accusations leveled against it.

segurazo malware

Is Segurazo a Malware?

We can safely say that Segurazo is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Most reputed anti-virus and anti-malware software have categorized this program as a potential danger for a computer. There are multiple reasons for this categorization which we will discuss below. However, we must say that there is no credible evidence that this program performs some type of malicious activity on a computer.

The primary reason behind this categorization is its intrusive behavior. After users install Segurazo on their computer it starts displaying unwanted pop-up ads, begins redirecting their web pages to multiple websites, and throws promotional search content during web surfing sessions. Usually, this kind of behavior is associated with malware infections.

Furthermore, it is commonly observed that this application is distributed over the internet by bundling it with other programs. This means that users may end up installing Segurazo antivirus on their computer while they were installing some other application. This behavioral pattern also matches with other potentially unwanted applications.

What Segurazo Claims to Offer?

Nobody can believe that an antivirus program which has a fully functional website can act as a malware infection. If you visit the official website of Segurazo antivirus you will find that this program claims to offer all types of security features ranging from real-time online protection from threats and intrusions, to improving the performance of a system by better managing its system resources.

In reality, this antivirus starts displaying all kinds of promotional content once you install it on your computer. The quantity of content is so annoying that it eventually spoils the user experience of web surfing and reduces the performance of the web browser.

Is Segurazo Safe?

Segurazo is a legit security software, but is categorized as malware because of its aggressive promotional nature. There is no evidence to suggest that it does any harm to computer data or its security. However, there is plenty of evidence to convince that it will surely disrupt your web surfing experience.

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For some users it’s not easy to completely remove Segurazo from their computer by following the normal uninstall process of their operating system. In such a situation, it is advised to remove this application by taking the help of some malware removal tool.

The right answer to the question “Is Segurazo a malware?” is a bit of both, yes and no. Although, there is no evidence to suggest that this application will perform any malicious activity on your computer, it can be surely stated that it’s like a thinly disguised advertising program. The best advice we can give you is to avoid installing this antivirus on your computer unless you want to spoil your web surfing experience.

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