17 Cool YouTube Tricks You Can’t Do Without

Being a YouTuber has its challenges, especially when you want to get more views but don’t know how. What if we told you there were a few tricks to YouTube that can help you get more views and even teach you how to use the website to its fullest?

YouTube isn’t just all about creating videos and getting views, it’s more powerful than you think and can be used to promote products and edit content. If you’re interested then check out our top 17 cool YouTube tricks below.

1. Make Sure Your Video Has a Transcript

This is a top cool YouTube trick that goes under a lot of YouTuber’s radar. Every time a video is uploaded YouTube automatically generates a manuscript. This script can be used for others to quote you or even help you retrace your steps.

When you upload a video read the transcript and edit it to make sure it’s correct. Having a manuscript can boost search engine optimization (SEO) which means more views.

To see a manuscript open your video in the YouTube player and select the more option. Then select the transcript and start editing away.

2. Create Playlists to Get More Subscribers

Having playlists on your channel helps it to be more organized and easy for viewers to navigate. Ideally, you should put videos in the same series together or like with like.

To create a playlist select the video manager from your channel’s main page. Then select playlists from the sidebar and then create a new playlist. Give your new list a title and start adding videos.

3. Add a Card to Your Video

With today’s marketing, having someone simply watch your video isn’t enough. Viewers should be watching and interacting with your YouTube video, and this can be done by adding a card to your video.

The cards act as little pop-up boxes or balloons that will draw the viewer’s attention to a specific subject within the video. They can link to product pages, other videos, or even polls. This engagement adds a personal touch to the video, breaking a wall and letting the viewers navigate your videos and even have a say in what happens.

To add a card click on your channel’s icon and go to creator studio. You will then select video manager and select the video you want to edit. There will be a menu of cards that you can select from and place within the video.

4. Add Sound Effects and Music To Your Videos

Sound effects and music add a nice layer of entertainment to your videos and will keep viewers from becoming bored. The only thing is most music is licensed and cannot be used without permission.

Thanks to YouTube, they offer a library of sound effects and music that are license-free and can be used in your videos. To add effects and music to a video go to creator studio and select create. Choose the audio library and then select what track you want and save it.

5. Add an End Screen

The longer you keep viewers watching and engaged the more traffic and exposure your channel will get. At the end of every video, you should add an end screen to achieve this.

End screens will pop up the last 5 to 20 seconds of a video depending on your settings. Here you can promote other videos or even place in ads for those that sponsor you.

To add an end screen go to your video manager and select the video you want to edit. From here select edit and click end screen & annotations. From here you can craft and experiment with your end screen.

6. Have Linked Time Stamps for Your Videos

Creating links that take the viewer to certain time stamps will help your video get more views because the user can jump to certain points they want to see instead of watching the whole video. Using time stamp links is great for video tutorials or interviews.

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To do this go to share and then insert the time you’d like the video to start. Copy these links for different times at different spots in the video and place them in the info section. This will make it easy for the viewer to navigate your video.

7. Have Others Collaborate on Playlists

We talked about creating a playlist above, but did you know you can interact with your viewers by having them collaborate on playlists? If not, this is a great way to make your channel more personal, connect with your viewers, and raise subscribers and views.

To create a collaborative playlist navigate to your playlist page. Select the playlist you want and select settings.

From here you will go to the collaborate tab, turn it on, and copy the link. Of course, not all viewers will be able to add to the playlist, only the ones you send the link to.

8. Create a Custom URL to Make Your Channel More Personal

In a sea of thousands upon thousands of YouTubers you will want to stand out so you can get views and subscribers. One way to stand out from the rest of YouTube’s users is to create a custom URL.

A custom URL will help users find you easily and create a sense of branding for your channel. Keep in mind that to get a custom URL you must have at least 100 subscribers, have an account older than 30 days, have a photo for your channel’s icon, and have uploaded some channel art.

If you meet these requirements you will see an option to create a custom URL in your channel’s advanced settings. It’s also good to note that you won’t be able to change this URL after confirming it.

9. Take Advantage of the Publishing Later Option

When filming content sometimes it’s easier to do multiple videos in a day. There can be many reasons as to why you film more than one video in a short amount of time, but this doesn’t mean you should upload them all to your channel at once.

Uploading more than one video at a time can bombard viewers and make them feel overwhelmed. Also, it can take away that excitement of waiting for your next video. You want viewers to feel at ease with your content and have them on the edge of their seats so they will keep coming back to watch more.

So, if you have a few videos to post why not use YouTube’s publishing later option? With this, you can upload all your videos at once but have them release on days and times that you set.

10. Create and Upload a 360 Video

360 videos are loved by viewers because it’s a different approach to the typical YouTube video. These videos can spice up your channel and ultimately boost views and subscribers.

To make a 360 video you need to have the right equipment first. You need a camera that has a 360 mode. After filming your video in 360 with your compatible camera, you’ll be ready to edit and upload it to the masses.

11. Adjust and Edit Your Videos with YouTube

YouTube has a vast editing and enhancing platform that will make your videos look nice and more attractive to viewers. Since it’s free, why not use it?

There are 9 effects you will find on YouTube’s enhancements:

  1. Blur faces
  2. Apply filters
  3. Auto-fix lighting and color
  4. Stabilize camera shakes
  5. Custom blurring
  6. View rotation
  7. Slow-motion
  8. Time-lapse
  9. Video trimming

These are things that you used to do through third-party software. Now you can have them right when you upload your video to make it a piece of art.

12. Create a Live Stream

If your channel likes to cover events or inform viewers on a certain subject, then you should use live streams to your advantage. Live streams will film in real-time and viewers can watch as things happen.

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This is ideal for people who want to cover conventions or events live. It’s even suitable for webinars or classes.

To start a live stream go to the upload button on your channel and click it. Then select the get started option under live streaming, agree to the terms, and begin filming.

13. Use Youtube as an Advertising Platform

If you would like to advertise your product or service, you can do so through YouTube. Since YouTube’s advertising is similar to Facebook and Google, if you’re familiar with the platforms starting a campaign on YouTube will be a breeze.

When setting up your advertisement (for your channel even) on YouTube you will be asked questions about your service or product. These questions will help to figure out who should see your ad in the hopes that the demographic targeted will click on it and buy something.

You will be able to track how your ad campaign is going and even make adjustments to the demographic if need be. There are free options for advertising on YouTube but to actually reach people you will have to pay.

14. Use Google Search Trends to See What People Are Watching

One make sure way to get views and subscribers is to pay attention to what people are watching and what they want. To do this, you can use Google Trends to see what people are searching for.

All you have to do is put in a keyword and see how much traffic it generates. If you find a word or phrase that’s generating a lot of traffic you should put it in your video’s title and description to boost exposure which will lead to views.

One nice thing about Google Trends is that it will show you what people are searching for on YouTube specifically. This will help you to narrow your keywords and find the best one.

15. Read Up on Youtube’s Terms – or Watch Them

Before anyone posts a video on YouTube they should be familiar with their terms and conditions as well as their copyright information. Reading this can be bland and not fun, that’s why YouTube has created a video of puppets to inform you of their legal stuff.

Knowing what you can and can’t post is the first thing to being successful on YouTube because you don’t want your account to be suspended or deleted. Take a few minutes and have fun watching their video.

16. Publish Longer Videos to Get Better Exposure

This may seem kind of strange because who really wants to watch a long YouTube video? In reality, videos longer than 10 minutes rank better in YouTube’s search results than shorter ones. This means that more people will see your video and navigate to your channel.

17. Download Videos to View Later

Whether you’re publishing videos are an avid channel viewer, you can download videos directly from YouTube to your computer. This can come in handy for when you’re traveling, want to show the video in a presentation, or want to keep your videos stored on a hard drive.

To do this we recommend navigating to https://setapp.com/how-to/download-youtube-videos. Here you will find directions to download high-quality YouTube videos to your computer.

Now You Know All of the Cool YouTube Tricks Out There

YouTube is a vast and powerful platform that can be used in many ways, and now you know the cool YouTube tricks so you can start using the website to its fullest. From learning how to boost subscribers and views, to marketing yourself, and even downloading videos, you will become a YouTube pro in no time.

For more technical information and tips, be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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